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Wearing our CARE + 1™ PPE Health and Safety Kit (Premium or Deluxe) as designed, is effective in helping to reduce the transmission and slowing the spread of Influenza virus, Coronavirus, and Allergy. Not intended for use by healthcare professionals or for Medical purposes.

1. Our KN95 5-ply or 4-ply high-quality melt-blown disposable face masks are designed to provide protection in case of sneezing, coughing, and talking, that generates droplets leading to potential COVID-19 infection.

2. Our eyeglasses face shield fits comfortably on adults and children to protect them from nearby droplets entering into eyes cavities and mouth opening.

3. Our powder-free nitrile gloves create a safe barrier from COVID-19 situated on surfaces.

4. Our 75% alcohol hand sanitizer wipes and gel kill germs, bacteria, and viruses according to World Health Organization (WHO). They minimize viral transmission and maximize the inactivation of the novel virus. The 75% alcohol wipes and gel are FDA listed and NDC assigned.

5. Our reusable earplugs are designed to keep the user calm and relax when used on any airplane flight. Both adults and children will appreciate their effectiveness in reducing noise during a long flight.

6. The components in our kits are packaged separately to maintain cleanliness. Each has a unique barcode to enhance product inventory and quality control. Kits can easily fit in a glove compartment or travel bags. This kit saves time, no anxious search for essential items to stay clean and protect yourself on the go all day.

7. Kits are sold to retailers and wholesalers with the lowest and direct price from manufactures.

✅ All products are 100% Money Back Guarantee.

For extra protection against germs, we offer products including KN95, Disposable Face Mask, Hand Sanitizer Gel and Wipes, Face Shields, Medical Gown, Hair and Shoe protection... in small quantity or bulk order. We promise to constantly provide quality protection products to the public and healthcare workers.

Wholesale PPE KITs Supplies

As a leading distributor of wholesale PPE Kits supplies, CARE + 1 has everything for frontline healthcare professionals, non-essential workers, and consumers to keep their health fully protected on the job and at home. From airborne viruses to contaminants, to pollen, our inventory of bulk medical supplies offers the utmost protection from these hazards.

When it comes to medical supplies, wholesale distributors know that nothing is more important than the overall quality of these products. That's why we ensure that every item we sell (whether it's from a partner's or our inventory) is manufactured from the best quality materials to withhold these high safety standards that consistently meet applicable requirements and specifications in compliance with FDA.

If you're looking for excellent prices on bulk medical supplies online, you won't find better deals elsewhere. Not only do we continually update our inventory, but we also maintain communication with customers to ensure that all involved parties are fully satisfied. And, if you have any questions, we invite you to contact us at any time; we're always more than happy to assist you.

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